The ACEBEDO SECURITY SERVICE AGENCY, INC. was purchased from its original owner sometime in 1969 which was originally located at San Andres Bukid, Malate, Manila. The operator of the newly acquired agency was Mrs. Virginia S. Gatbonton, who was also the store manager of the SUPER GUN STORE located at the Ground Floor of DON JOSE BUILDING located at the intersection of Barbosa and R. Hidalgo Streets in the district of Quiapo, Manila. The location of the agency side by side with the SUPER GUN STORE was strategically situated, for it was accessible via most major road networks.

At the onset, the agency had employed a small group of seasoned special watchmen. From its humble beginnings, the agency gradually grew and expanded through word of mouth of its clients which introduced the agency to prospects. Simultaneously, a construction boom was underway in Manila, post war buildings were being repaired, and new construction projects were mushrooming in once vacant prime lots all over the metropolis.

At this juncture, the Management of the ACEBEDO SECURITY SERVICE AGENCY, INC. had its hands full in recruiting and selecting men and women who were applying to become contingents of the field force ready for deployment to various posts/jobsites. The selection of men and women was a gargantuan job for these required an eye for picking the qualified peopleand ensuring that the specific positions are filled with the right persons.


The agency then was under a single proprietorship which thrived well in spite of the political upheaval as spawned by the imposition of Presidential Proclamation No. 1081 placing the country under the Martial Law. The different gun stores were forced to close, which included the SUPER GUN STORE and Mrs. Gatbonton confined her efforts and energies to devoting full time in the operations of the security guard agency.

The most well-known construction corporations which demanded the security guard services of the ACEBEDO SECURITY AGENCY were the WELDON CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION, the D.M. CONSUNJI CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION, the B.C. CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION and the like. Financial Institutions like the defunct PACIFIC BANKING CORPORATION, the PHILIPPINE INVESTMENT SYSTEM CORPORATION, the HOME BANKERS AND TRUST CORPORATION, the PRODUCERS BANK, PALUWAGAN NG BAYAN, and the ALL ASIA CAPITAL AND TRUST CORPORATION. Along that line, the agency also catered to various lodging facilities (apartelles, hometels, condominiums), manufacturers (garments, jewelry & gems), warehouses and agricultural companies.




July of 2004 was a significant period for the agency as ACEBEDO SECURITY SERVICES AGENCY INC. changes its corporate name to S4 SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM AND SECURITY SPECIALISTS INC. under the directorship of Mr. Edgar S. Gatbonton, CEO and Chairman of the Board. Having grown up in an environment exposed to the industry of providing security services, Mr.Gatbonton is relentless in ensuring that his clients feel safe and secure, and are able to maintain peace of mind.




In line with the company’s commitment to providing the best for his clients, S4 SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM AND SECURITY SPECIALISTS INC. also provides the latest innovations such as ISSUANCE OF TRANSCEIVERS, EMPLOYMENT OF METAL DETECTORS, use of effective TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS.

In order to maintain and preserve our quality of service, S4-SECURITY TRAINING ACADEMY CORPORATION, a TESDA/PNP SOSIA Accredited school for escorts, security guards & detectives, was put up on September of 2008.